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Dear Mr. Nagy,

I'm a young an opera singer and orchestra conductor, and I just bought the
Met's Tannhauser dvd (Levine/Schenk, with Cassilly, Marton and Weikl). I was
so moved by your beautiful performance of Walther von der Vogelweide (yes,
not a truly starring role, but beautiful music: "Sei unser, Heinrich..."!)
that I searched the internet in trace of a way to reach you. It seems I
found it and I'm very happy for that. Thanks for that wonderful performance,
Mr. Nagy!!!

Best wishes,

Dear Mr Nagy,
I only just heard of your father's death.
I never knew him but I heard him sing many, many times from the
last season at the old Metropolitan through the rest of his career there
in the new house.
With that trumpet of a voice and his committed and vivid
interpretations, he never failed to leave his stamp on roles large and
small and his voice always brought a thrill.
He will be richly rewarded for the joy and pleasure his artistry brought
to so many over the length of his honorable career.
May he rest with the angels!
Fr C M Goodwin, FSSP


I have 110 versions of Ariadne, and Robert's Bacchus is one of my 5 favorites performances on the Boston DVD.  He is smooth, easy, and clear with excellent German.  RIP

Dr. William Clayton
Professor of English

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Robert Nagy, a voice I will never forget.
While studying voice myself, in the early 1960's, I heard Robert for the first time while attending a performance of Aida in The Old Met. All of a sudden the messenger arrived with the largest outpouring of sound for the evening! It was Robert. It sounded like Otello entered! His voice was so large and well focused that we lamented the awful tenor doing Radames  and wished he had changed places with Robert. May the good Lord bless him and his family.
Ralph A.


Dear Robert,
    I was very sorry to hear of the passing of your father.  I am in the Math Department at
Temple.  I've been going to the opera all my life.  I heard your father, he had a big voice you
know, many times at the Met in roles ranging from the Messenger in Aida to the Emperor in Die Frau
ohne Schatten.
    I heard Norman Treigle do Mefistofele at the City Opera but with another tenor.  I can't tell
you how much I appreciate your enterprise in capturing the final minutes of that opera with Norman
and Robert.  That's a great high B that you captured.  Thanks so much for offering it to all of
us.  Your father must be proud of you for that.  It really is a piece of operatic history.
    On a personal note, I want to tell you that I envy you.  My own father died when he was 44
and I was 6.  Please accept my condolences on your great loss and my thanks for sharing this
wonderful tribute to Robert Nagy.                        Peace in 2009.          Frank